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(Zulu lessons)

Posted: 2008-09-30, 0:09
by Laoshu505000
Sanibona abantu bonke! Namhlanje ngifuna ukufundisha ngesiZulu kancane!

Hello everyone. Today I would like to begin giving Zulu lessons!
I believe making lessons is a good way to practice and learn language. I've noticed that there are a few people here interested in Zulu. Because of this, I would like to start some lessons. I will begin with the basics. As far as pronunciation is concerned I will also make a video so that all of you could distinguish the different sounds. Well then, lets get started then.

First of all, here are the clicks you will hear in Zulu:
X-- NgiyaXolisa =I'm sorry

C-- Cabanga =Think

Q-- Qala= Begin/Start

Sawubona- (This is usually said to one person)
Sanibona- (To more than one person)
Note: This expression is used throughout the entire day. i.e. Morning,Evening etc..
Mina nginjani? How am I?
Wena unjani? How are you?
Nina ninjani? How are you? (Plural)
Yena unjani? How is he/she
Bona banjani? How are they? (Plural)

Saying thank you:
Ngiyabonga= Thank you
Ngiyabonga kakhulu= Thank you very much

Saying goodbye:
Sala kahle! (One person who is staying)
Salani kahle! (more than one person)
Hamba kahle! (A person leaving)
Hambani kahle ( More than one person leaving)
-- All of the expressions above mean ''goodbye''--

In reply to these questions, you could say:
(Ngi) khona= I'm fine'' which literally means ''I'm in existence'' and likewise, you would use ''khona'' with all of the other personal pronouns as well. Here are a few:
another good one is: ''Ngiyaphila'' which means I'm living. Phila=life.

If you are wondering why I put the first letters in parenthesis, well those are the subject concords.
In Zulu it is essential to know the subject concords in order to form sentences. I'm not gonna get into all of them in this lesson, but I will in the future. I will just teach you the basic personal pronoun concords now:

Mina(Ngi) I
Wena(U) You
Yena(U) He/she
Thina(Si) Us
Nina(Ni) You all
Bona(Ba) They

By the way, as far as dictionaries, there's a site you could use in the future:

Videos: Zulu lesson 1 (Part 1) Zulu lesson 1 (Part2)

Re: (Zulu lessons)

Posted: 2008-09-30, 6:30
by ILuvEire
I'll just repeat what I said on Youtube:


I love Zulu, although I prefer Xhosa...but many more people speak Zulu, so I will follow these lessons.

Re: (Zulu lessons)

Posted: 2008-09-30, 6:34
by peterlin
Sawubona, gundane! :wink:


I'll be following your course closely, even though I'm trying to focus on Xhosa at the moment.

One question, though: Are you sure it's "ukufundisha" and not "ukufundisa"? In Xhosa the causative suffix is "-is":
Ndifunda isiXhosa - I learn Xhosa
Ndifundisa isiXhosa eyunivesithi - I teach (lit. make learn) isiXhosa in university seems to confirm this for Zulu as well...

Re: (Zulu lessons)

Posted: 2008-09-30, 10:53
by Laoshu505000

Ngiyabonga kakhulu! Yebo, ngifanele ukuwenza ''sa'' ngibone ukuthi ''sha' kuvela isiSwahili. Nxese mpintshi wami.

Thanks a lot. Yes I have to use ''Sa'' I see that ''sha'' is Swahili. Sorry about that my friend. That's interesting that you're doing Xhosha. I'm interested in it as well. If you could make some lessons here for it, I will surely participate in that. Thank you for your comments LUVERIE. Well then, let us learn Zulu :D

Re: (Zulu lessons)

Posted: 2008-09-30, 22:51
by ILuvEire
Where are you learning Zulu from?

Re: (Zulu lessons)

Posted: 2008-09-30, 23:53
by Laoshu505000
Sawubona mpintshi wami. Nxa, ngiQale ukufunda isiZulu enyuvasi yase Ohio State nyakenye.Nxa ngiyafunde isiZulu enyuvasi yaseOhio, iklasi kesiZulu cha kanzima kakhulu :cry: Manje ngiyazifunda nje.Noma ngiyazifunda isiZulu, angicabangi ukuthi isiZulu sinzima kakhulu. Kodwa ukuthola abantu bangakwazi ukuhuluma isiZulu kanzima kakhulu. Ngiyabonga kakhulu ukubhala umlayezo wakho :D

Hi my friend. Well, I started learning Zulu at the university of Ohio State last year.When I took Zulu at the university, it wasn't that intensive :cry: Now I'm just doing it on my own. Although I'm doing it on my own, I don't think it's very difficult. However, it is hard to find people that can speak Zulu. Thanks for your message.

Re: (Zulu lessons)

Posted: 2008-10-06, 21:46
by Laoshu505000
I just wanted to check in with the people learning Zulu. How's it going?

Re: (Zulu lessons)

Posted: 2008-10-14, 12:18
by peterlin
Laoshu505000 wrote: That's interesting that you're doing Xhosha. I'm interested in it as well. If you could make some lessons here for it, I will surely participate in that.

Angisasikhulumi kahle isiXhosa, mhlekazi, ngisacathula. I'm a beginner myself, so I am not in the position to teach anyone.
I was thinking about putting all the grammar info (concords etc.) in tables and posting it somewhere. And also about highlighting the most common Zulu - Xhosa differences (such as ukuthetha = ukukhuluma).

Re: (Zulu lessons)

Posted: 2008-10-14, 15:46
by Laoshu505000
Sawubona mpintshi wami! Ngiyabona ukuthi uyafunda siZulu kakhulu, ngoba uyakhuluma kahkulu!

see that you've been studying Zulu diligently since you know how to say that stuff. Yea, that would be great if you could do that. Before I rented some Xhosha books from the library, but I didn't really get serious with it. Well, keep in touch man. I will have more videos up soon. Ngizokubonana :yep: