[Swahili] Translation needed

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[Swahili] Translation needed

Postby ekoranger » 2008-03-24, 11:19

Hello- I've already asked this as a general question as I'm not sure of the language, but does originate from Kenya. I need a translation of the following- they were used within an English sentence.

1) niwakimenya kiria

2) kamothongo


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Postby Dminor » 2008-03-25, 12:46

Please don't open the same topic twice. :) Also, you've already learned from the other topic that it is not Swahili, but Kikuyu. Anyone with an idea can post it here.
काव्यशास्त्रविनोदेन कालो गच्छति धीमताम् । व्यसनेन च मूर्खाणां निद्रया कलहेन वा

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