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Re: Amharic አማርኛ

Posted: 2018-03-13, 14:25
by księżycowy
Just in case anyone comes to this thread and hasn't seen our poll in the Hebrew forum, please check out this poll that will help us decide what to do with the Semitic languages.

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Re: Amharic አማርኛ

Posted: 2019-09-04, 5:53
by vijayjohn
semiticlearner wrote:
vijayjohn wrote:Yep, I'm still learning it! It's going pretty slowly but steadily enough IMO, especially given that I'm studying about 24 other languages at the same time. :whistle: I think there must be some reason why only the Ethiopic languages seem to have ejectives whereas all the other Semitic languages apparently have pharyngeals.

May be neighbouring language influences

This seems most likely to me.
What are you finding easy and hard in Amharic so far? Most say ejectives are hard although I don't think that's the case :lol:

It's not! The ejectives were probably one of the first things I learned in Amharic because when I was growing up, I knew a girl (now a young lady) who has one in her name, and she wouldn't quit poking me until I got it right! :P Now, I think it might be the vocabulary that I find hardest. Either that or the fidel, I haven't quite decided yet which.