Separate Forum Status for Qazaq

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Separate Forum Status for Qazaq

Postby Rakhimzhan » 2017-03-21, 18:22

I just wonder, what are the criteria for this or that very language to be attributed the 'forum' or 'subforum' status? Also, wish to see Qazaq discussions in its own separate forum threads as it was before. It would be pleasant (for me, at least), if it be assigned the self-bearing 'forum status' just like Turkish. Those two languages shall indicate two main branches of the whole Turkic family langs - Qipchaq and Oguz, with the Qazaq being the most sophisticated out of all Qipchaq langs, in my professional and native view. So, it kinda deserves its own site-wise development aside from other Turkic linguas and be put at its own reel. If one of the probable criteria is the language proliferation, well, it is quite spread throughout Qazaqstan, Uzbekistan, Qyrgyzstan, China, Russia, unlike, for example, Basque language, or even Latin, Esperanto, yet, standing standalone and self-apart. As for sources, well, there are dozens of resources in Qypchaq to be interesting to learn Qazaq from synchronous and asynchronous historical and linguistical perspectives. Just curious, why not to allocate it on separate forum.

Well, I could be a forum moderator (as I was before, indeed, and if it's needed), or anybody else. Appreciate the latter option, cuz, to be frank, I don't have that much time to follow the site and whatnot. Anyway, this should be taken into concern by moderators and administrators. What do you think, all other guys??

P.S. I have not sent this proposal to the administration and am deliberately leaving it here to see how often they visit this kind of threads, and what do they think. Would appreciate their feedbacks.

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Re: Separate Forum Status for Qazaq

Postby Aurinĭa » 2017-03-21, 23:31


The only criterion we use is the activity on UniLang. Not how widespread the language is, how many people speak it, or how many resources there are for it. If we were to split up the Turkic languages forum, we'd end up with a few subforums with little activity, instead of one subforum with a reasonable amount of activity. We think the latter makes for a nicer forum experience.

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