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Learning Resources

Postby Multiturquoise » 2014-10-22, 14:31

I decided to create a list of learning resources of Turkic languages.

This won't include Turkish and Ottoman Turkish.

Note: Online material will only be added to the topic if it's legally accessible, it's public domain or you're the copyright owner and you allow it to be shown online. Illegal copies of copyrighted material, including but not limited to books, will not be welcomed here and whoever does this will be immediately reported to the forum administrators.


  • (az) Azerbaijani
  1. Taranov, Andrey - "Azerbaijani vocabulary for English speakers - 9000 words" [Buy: Amazon]
  2. Awde, Nicholas - "Azerbaijani-English, English-Azerbaijani Dictionary and Phrasebook: Spoken in Azerbaijan and Iran" [Buy: Amazon]
  3. Mamedov, Seville - "English-Azerbaijani, Azerbaijani-English Dictionary" [Buy: Amazon]

  • (gag) Gagauz

  • (qxq) Qashqai

  • (slr) Salar

  • (tk) Turkmen
  1. Kara, Mehmet - "Türkmen Türkçesi Grameri" (in Turkish) [Buy: Kitapyurdu]
  2. Ajap Sözlük [online]


  • (ba) Bashkir
  1. Russian-Bashkir Bidirectional Dictionary [online]
  2. Bashkir Grammar (in Russian) [online]
  3. Bashkir Language Course (in Russian) [online]
  4. Short Bashkir Grammar (in Russian) [online]

  • (crh) Crimean Tatar
  1. Üseinov, Seyran - Seyran ocanıñ dersleri (in Crimean Tatar/Russian/Ukrainian) [online/pdf]

  • (krc) Karachay-Balkar

  • (kaa) Karakalpak
  1. Uygur, Ceyhun Vedat - "Karakalpak Türkçesi Grameri" (in Turkish) [Buy: Kitapyurdu]

  • (kdr) Karaim

  • (kk) Kazakh
  1. Koç, Kenan; Doğan, Oğuz - "Kazak Türkçesi Grameri" (in Turkish) [Buy: Kitapyurdu]

  • (kum) Kumyk

  • (ky) Kyrgyz

  • (nog) Nogai

  • (tt) Tatar


  • (chg) Chagatai
  1. Schluessel, Eric - "An Introduction to Chaghatay: A Graded Textbook for Reading Central Asian Sources" [pdf/online]

  • (xqa) Karakhanid

  • (ug) Uyghur
  1. Nazarova, Gulnisa - "Uyghur: An Elementary Textbook" [Buy: Amazon]
  2. Doğan, Levent - "Uygur Türkçesi Grameri" (in Turkish) [Buy: Kitapyurdu]
  3. Engesæth, Tarjei; Yakup, Mahire; Dwyer, Arienne - Greetings from the Teklimakan [pdf/online]
  4. Uyghur-English Dictionary [online]
  5. Uyghur Dictionary [online]

  • (uz) Uzbek
  1. Azimova, Nigora - "Uzbek: An Elementary Textbook" [Buy: Amazon]
  2. Zangori kema [online]


  • (cv) Chuvash
  1. Chuvash Manual [online]


  • (clw) Chulym

  • (dlg) Dolgan

  • (kjh) Khakas

  • (atv) Northern Altai

  • (otk) Old Turkic

  • (oui) Old Uyghur

  • (cjs) Shor

  • (alt) Southern Altai

  • (kim) Tofa

  • (tyv) Tuvinian

  • (sah) Yakut


  • (klj) Khalaj
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Re: Learning Resources

Postby chung » 2014-11-01, 2:12

Feel free to add links in this post to your lists.

In general, you'll be hard-pressed to find any learning material for many Turkic languages unless you know at least some Russian. I've found some good free stuff online that also seems legal for Bashkir, Crimean Tatar and Kazakh but they're designed for people who know Russian.

It seems that if you know English, then Azeri, Turkish, Uzbek, and to a certain extent Turkmen are the Turkic languages where you can find enough material online that's useful for beginners and free. Everything else for the other languages will be issued in some language other than English (usually Russian) or cost at least some money, or both.

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Re: Learning Resources

Postby Karabat Kuşu » 2019-05-28, 5:42

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