A Turkish language teacher’s help is needed

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A Turkish language teacher’s help is needed

Postby languageproject » 2014-01-28, 12:03

Dear All,

Hope that you’re doing all right.

I'm writing to ask for help from those who teach Turkish language.

Basically, I and my colleagues are running a non-profit research project which involves essay writing. Generally, learners of 14 different languages were asked to write a short essay (a day diary) for about 250 words. And now we would like these essays to be assessed by native speakers or those who are fluent in these languages. We desperately need your help and we'd be very grateful to those who agree to help us.

Technically, we've got 10 essays in Turkish language and it wouldn't take more than an hour to assess them all.

Please allow me to thank you in advance for your very kind consideration.


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