[Turkmen] Türkmen aýdymlary

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[Turkmen] Türkmen aýdymlary

Postby Multiturquoise » 2013-12-17, 10:31

This is the music thread. You can share any Turkmen song here.


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Re: [Turkmen] Türkmen aýdymlary

Postby Mulder-21 » 2014-06-09, 13:45

Turkmen rap:

DZ-ED feat. Arslan Halbaýew - Sessiz sözlemler


I have no idea what it says, but it's a great song.

It's also amazing, how many soundchanges are going on here... so many allophones... uvularsation, palatalisation... oh and <s> and <z> being /θ/ and /ð/... :)
Gløgt er gestsins eyga. (Føroyskt orðafelli)
Wise is the stranger's eye. (Faroese saying)
L'occhio dell'ospite è acuto. (Proverbio faroico)
Hosťovo oko je múdre. (Faerské uslovie)

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Re: [Turkmen] Türkmen aýdymlary

Postby ghorbanpour » 2018-03-08, 11:27

Salam men iraninli turkmen. men iranda yasayarin. turkmen dilimi, turkmen edebiyatimi we turkmen aydymlary gaty gowweryarin.
hazir farsce dilinde turkmen dili barada kitab yazdim. onida gorin. sag bolun.
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