Dependent clauses in Azeri

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Dependent clauses in Azeri

Postby Trebor » 2013-07-17, 0:54


I'm working on a constructed language which is similar to Azerbaijani in its agglutinative typology. Since I don't speak this language (though hope to learn it one day) or anything similar, I'm having a hard time coming up with how to handle dependent clauses in a realistic manner. If you're confident in your Azerbaijani, I'd very much appreciate if you could (1) render the sentences below into the language and then (2) provide hyper-literal retranslations back into English.

(1) The professor announced that the exam would be postponed.

(2) Contrary to his expectations/in spite of what he was expecting, the student realized that he wasn't going to be able to hand in his essay on time after all.

(3) The university president is one of the few school officials who everyone believes should resign.

(4) It was reported on TV earlier today that three men who it has been claimed took part in the huge bank robbery last week were arrested yesterday.

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