[Kazakh] Mutual intelligibility

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[Kazakh] Mutual intelligibility

Postby onkelxiaoma » 2012-09-27, 8:50


I'm learning (Kazan) Tatar at the moment and I wonder how close Kazakh and Tatar are linguistically, especially considering the fact that they both belong to the Kipchak group of turkic languages.

I plan on learning Kazakh too in the future, I'm just hoping that the differences are big enough, so I wouldn't feel like I'm just learning another dialect instead of another language :D

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Re: Mutual intelligibility

Postby Halbarad65 » 2012-11-11, 22:46

in my opinion, Those languages are highly related to each other! So there is a chance you will be "disappointed" by learning a language which closely related to Tatar!

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