[Azeri] Grammar questions and answers

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[Azeri] Grammar questions and answers

Postby Utopist » 2011-12-11, 18:58

You are free to ask any question concerning Azerbaijani grammar.
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Re: Grammar questions and answers

Postby Yurk » 2012-08-02, 16:10

I know this is an old thread but I figure asking it here is better than starting a new thread.

What exactly does the -ərək, araq suffix do when used with Adj + olmaq?

Məsələn... fərqli olaraq

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Re: Grammar questions and answers

Postby kalemiye » 2012-08-02, 19:19

AFAIK, in Azerbaijani olaraq is basically used as olarak is used in Turkish. This form is used to form adverbial sentences and it is roughly translated as "as" or "being":

Olarak (ol-a-rak from olmak - to become) is widely used as in following examples: (Best translated by as a or being)
Dost olarak - As a friend (being a friend)
kesin olarak - definitely (being sure)
Memur olarak - As a civil servant ( being a civil servant)
ilk kez olarak - for first time (being the first time)

(Taken from Manisa Turkish)
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