Poll: Azərbaycanca vs. Azərbaycan dili

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Azərbaycanca vs. Azərbaycan dili

Azərbaycan dili
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Re: Poll: Azərbaycanca vs. Azərbaycan dili

Postby kalemiye » 2011-07-26, 22:42

eskandar wrote:
kalemiye wrote:No, that suffix means "language". That is why all languages in Turkish end in -ca/-ce/-ça/-çe as in: İspanyolca (Spanish language), Korece (Korean language), Farsça (Persian language), Türkçe (Turkish language).
Well, it doesn't literally mean "language" - the suffix is used for other things as well (see here). It means something more like "like/in the way of" so that a language name like Türkçe means literally "in the way of the Turks," as pointed out in the link. This is the usual way for forming language names in Turkish, but it doesn't actually mean 'language.'

I always studied it differently when in Turkey. In the lessons of Turkish the teachers rarely explain both meanings at the same time, most probably because when attached to nationalities/countries it simply coveys the meaning of language. Normally, this is the first usage one learns in books/class.

My updated opinion is that is should be named "Azərbaycan Türkçesi", but the current name is fine.
"Azərbaycan Türkçəsi" is not used as much as "Azərbaycan dili," and from what I can tell it's mostly used by Azerbaijanis writing under Istanbuli Turkish influence (similar to how Iranian Azerbaijanis, under Persian influence, often call their language "Türki"). For example, "Azərbaycan Türkçəsi" yields 228,000 results on Google - compare that to "Azərbaycan dili" with 14,400,000 results. The -cA ending is not ordinarily used in Azerbaijani to form language names; 'X dili' is the norm. Such a construction for forming language names is not even understood by Iranian Azerbaijanis (who far outnumber the Azerbaijanis of other countries) except those who have had exposure to Istanbuli Turkish.

The only reason why I prefer using Azerbaycan Türkçesi rather than Azerbaycan dili it is to stress it is a Turkish language. I don't know many people from the Republic of Azerbaijan, thus I cannot know what they call their language, but in Iran people refers to it simply as Turkish, thus I think the Turkish element should be stressed. But as I said, the current name is fine.
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