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Postby nadi » 2008-07-08, 12:43

Tong Duurai wrote:Can Turks and Tatars mutually understand each other(without any prior knowledge of the others language)?

I am Turkish and this is the first time I have tried to read and listen to Tatar language examples in this forum. At first, it seemed quite different and I understood little. However, after reading a few sentences and listening to the example dialogues, I could understand at least what they are talking about. Tatar language is not so close to Turkish as Azeri and Turkmen, but it is clear that with some effort a Turk can easily understand and speak it.

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Re: Tatar Language - Tatar tele

Postby eskandar » 2008-09-28, 5:16

A couple chapters from The Tatar Textbook for English speakers are available online in PDF form.
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Re: Tatar Language - Tatar tele

Postby zhiguli » 2008-10-06, 4:01

on-line tv station from bashkortostan (in three languages - tatar, bashkir, russian; click on "сейчас в эфире"):

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Re: Tatar Language - Tatar tele

Postby Droppie » 2011-08-25, 2:47


could somebody help me?

I love a lot this song:!!+-+%D1%8 ... %BA&page=1

Is this song sung in tatar language?
How is its name? I couldn't find the lyrics and I'd like a lot have it.

Thanks a lot

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