Tuvan - tyva dyl

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Tuvan - tyva dyl

Postby allemaalmeezinge » 2006-10-21, 18:43

i stumbled about it by chance. i was listening to music. to yat kha. then i was reading a bit about the language.
i was comparing some words with turkish and they are very similar even though tuvan is also within the turkic language family not even in the same or neighbouring subgroup :)
there's a sprachsignale page on it, to listen to some sounds.

some examples:
english - turkish - tuvan
cloud - bulut - булут
to die - ölmek - ɵлүр / ölür
to come - gelmek - чедип келир / çelip kelir
ear - kulak - кулак / kulak
six - altı - алды / aldı

turkish ç relates to a ж/dz in some cases:

to drink - içmek - ижер / idzer

there's also the sound ң / ng


hmm.. :)
maybe theres something in the library..
have no time now,
later :)

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Postby Alcadras » 2006-10-21, 20:35

Interesting. :D

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Postby zhiguli » 2006-10-22, 23:22

yay! finally a thread that wasn't started by me
thanks to the whole khoomei/genghis blues craze it is possible to find books about it in english:

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Re: Tuvan - tyva dyl

Postby księżycowy » 2014-07-09, 10:32

A Tuvan <--> English dictionary (with audio for some entries!):

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