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Sinhalese: පුඞිබබ ලඳෙනඞ්හිතෙ අමල්ලිතෙ...

Posted: 2019-10-13, 9:15
by kraus
Hi everybody!

I'm trying to understand a Sinhala Christmas song (Pulun wage sudu), but I'm stuck with its second stanza:

පුඞිබබ ලඳෙනඞ්හිතෙ අමල්ලිතෙ
දෙන්නෙත මඝිනෙ අවිමන්.
බොනිච ල සෙන ය් ව්ඖලච නඞස්ඓ,
නත්තෙලෙ ප්‍රිත්තිස ලුඉ

The text is sung below at 1:14:

My attempt of translation (with Google Translate, therefore I don't trust it so much): "both babies are very little and love it. (???)"

Thank you in advance for your help!