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Posted: 2011-11-15, 21:22
by モモンガ
Lepcha is a language spoken in Sikkim, India.
There are not many people who speak it (30-50 000), but it's quite well documented.
Lepcha people have their own alphabet, are Sino-Tibetan people, and moreover believe in Yeti.
Anyone wants to learn it? ... gee-books3
some books on the language (mouse down to Lepcha section).

Re: Lepcha

Posted: 2018-03-22, 15:44
by atalarikt
Learn Lepcha Language - Basic (I)
Learn Lepcha Language - Basic (II)
A Hunter's Tale (in Lepcha script, no translation)
You need to first install the Noto Sans Lepcha font, which can be obtained here, so that the Lepcha script will display correctly, instead of random garbled text.

Dictionary of the Lepcha-language

And finally, here's a Lepcha song titled Kalimpong Thomka (Take me to Kalimpong) with English subtitle.

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Posted: 2019-01-22, 1:54
by vijayjohn
This is a traditional Lepcha (a.k.a. Róng ríng or Róng) song from Kalimpong, West Bengal (I didn't realize until now that Lepcha's also spoken in West Bengal!). It doesn't have any subtitles, but the video description includes a summary in English of what the lyrics are saying: