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Pashto survival guide?

Posted: 2008-02-10, 18:04
by Rémy LeBeau
I'm wondering if anyone can give me a quick survival guide to Pashto as I'm going to be visiting Peshawar in Pakistan next month and I'd like to be able to have some basic Pashto under my belt before I go

I speak a bit of Dari and a bit of Urdu, and I'm familiar with the script (but not with the additional letters), so any shared words between these languages would be quite useful for me too!

Posted: 2008-02-11, 4:25
by alijsh
I couldn't find much for the moment.

I found an image in a weblog:


Take a look at You may find something useful.

Posted: 2008-02-11, 10:25
by zhiguli
there's plenty of learning material (though nothing "quick and dirty") at, just go to search and type in "pashto" and you'll find things like these:

ED364084 - Pashto Conversation Manual and Pashto Conversation Tapescript.
ED364085 - Beginning Pashto Textbook Revised Edition and Beginning Pashto Workbook Revised Edition.
ED323763 - Beginning Pashto: Textbook.

Posted: 2008-02-12, 0:22
by unzum

There are a bunch of survival kit downloads for Pashto by the US military.

Peace Corps Pashto

There's a Peace Corps course for Pashto (Pushto) and amazingly it actually comes with audio!

Pashto conversation manual

This is part of a course published by the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL). I've only given the conversation manual as that is the only one with audio available but there are more books to go with it available on ERIC.