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Posted: 2006-08-21, 18:52
by aze
I'm searching for someone who can help me to translate french in maldivien.
you can see the complet answer in forum-french
thanks a lot

Dhivehi - Maldivian

Posted: 2007-09-30, 13:50
by ego
Are there any sources at all for this language? I haven't found any online..

Posted: 2007-09-30, 16:34
by E}{pugnator
What's with that egguitis now? :P

Never heard about Maldivian, post some info for us.

Posted: 2007-09-30, 21:41
by ego
E}{pugnator wrote:What's with that egguitis now? :P

When I saw that you have posted I was sure you would have discovered something.. you've disappointed me :? . Anyway, who said that I want to study it? I just want to see how it looks like and how it functions.

Never heard about Maldivian, post some info for us.

Dhivehi in wikipedia

It's interesting that it is an Indoeuropean language although southern India is dominated by Dravidian languages. Dhivehi's closest relative is Sinhala

Posted: 2007-10-01, 17:57
by Karavinka
You really pick truly obscure ones, don't you wantok bilong mi ;)

I did a little search in the library and found a slim descriptive grammar. From what I saw there, Dhivehi is rather a typical Indo-Aryan language. I don't know how much of this would be intelligible to Northern Indians, but I remember a Hindi speaker (sage) saying Sinhala was somewhat intelligible at least in its transcribed Roman form. ;)

Another thing I noticed about Thaana is that its letters correspond rather well with Arabic, it even has an equivalent of ayn, which is kind of unusual in Indian languages. My guess is that it's due to the trade and the influence from Arabic. It even writes right to left, again unusual for Indian languages. The more ancient variant of the script, Dhives Akuru, bears some strong resemblences with the South Indian scripts (e.g. Sinhala) but Thaana really doesn't.

Now ego, get back to Tongan *kicks his arse*

Posted: 2007-10-01, 22:08
by ego
For some reason island nations and languages fascinate me.. Besides I always wanted to study an Indian (and Indoeuropean) language, I just don't know which one.
Anyway for the moment I'm enough with Latin, ancient Greek and revision of Tongan. And I already miss Hebrew, although I'll go back to it as soon as possible.
Does Dhivehi have cases? Conjugations? Colloquial Sinhala doesn't conjugate verbs

Posted: 2007-10-01, 23:09
by Karavinka

A link with English-Dhivehi-English dictionary.

Thaana script page, from the same site.

Short Divehi-English phrasebook with introduction in German.

Mahal/Mahl is a variant of Dhivehi and there seems to be more information on this one. It seems like they're often thought to be the same language with somewhat different lexical items, so this should help you.

Mahl language guide. Not ver complete at the moment.

As for your question, I'll have to look it up later. ;)

Re: Maldivien

Posted: 2011-12-09, 15:24
by モモンガ
YEAH, anybody knows where can you learn this beautiful language?
I am trying to learn the script, but I could nto find anything on the language.

Re: Dhivehi - Maldivian

Posted: 2011-12-09, 15:27
by モモンガ
Sorry, wrong thread I opened.

The link don't work :(
one shows German porn.

Re: Maldivien

Posted: 2012-06-07, 22:14
by Massimiliano B
Check here :)

Re: Dhivehi - Maldivian

Posted: 2015-09-30, 6:11
by vijayjohn
I just thought I'd post two songs in Divehi here. :P These are the two songs in Divehi that I'm most familiar with. The first one is called "Asthaa Huree" (I nominated it for an FSC no one voted for along with a Xhosa song, after which the FSC died for months and the songs in that particular contest were eventually taken out of the "used songs" list) and the second one is called "Jaazbi Asaru." I think the clip in the second video is from some Indian movie, but I forget which one and in which language it is:

Re: Dhivehi - Maldivian

Posted: 2016-07-24, 2:26
by vijayjohn
This is another song I've heard in Dhivehi before and like. It's called "Maazee Handhaan Kuraathi Fikuru" and is performed by a singer named Hussain Ali:
These are some Dhivehi songs featuring a traditional dance called "Bodu Beru." According to the video description, the songs and dance are similar to some of those found in East Africa and were probably introduced to the Maldives by sailors in the Indian Ocean:

Re: Dhivehi - Maldivian

Posted: 2017-07-13, 6:08
by vijayjohn
These are two more Dhivehi songs. One is from this year; it's called "Loabikan" and is sung by Ibrahim Zaid Ali (Ibbe) a.k.a. Kuda Ibbe:
The other one is from a channel that has a lot of songs from a style that's called langeri. It's performed by dancers holding fake flowers and drummers, all of whom sing together as they dance or drum. This example is from 2010 (I found this channel many years ago, and I think I was introduced to this genre by this video of a song called "Seedha engihuregen"). The video description has more information on langeri and the performers:

Re: Dhivehi - Maldivian

Posted: 2018-03-22, 12:50
by atalarikt

Re: Dhivehi - Maldivian

Posted: 2018-06-25, 7:31
by vijayjohn
Thanks, atalarikt! :)

This is apparently the staff of Air Maldives performing their theme song. It's sort of a medley, I guess, since there's another tune that starts towards the end:
This is a song called "Mahey Nethidhaaney." It sounds like it's kind of a pop song or something. Apparently, it's supposed to be a humorous song IIRC:
And these are two more bodu benus or bodu beru-inspired songs. One is called "Baarah Dhuvva":
The other is called "Ramzu Mio Gaumee":