Doubts in spelling

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Doubts in spelling

Postby E}{pugnator » 2005-10-17, 11:06

Kia ora!

Like I told you, riki, I'll be using this thread to post the doubts concerning the macrons in my book. You can rename it whatever you want ;) .

I was looking at them in a dictionary, but the dictionary used a complicated searching method that made it virtually impossible to find some short words.

I think it won't be that much work because once I've found out whether a word has macrons or not, I won't ask again everytime I see it at the book :D .

The book doesn't show any macrons or doubles vowels. I'm placing the macrons and putting the characters in capitals, so you can visualize them better. As you correct them, just mention the words that are spelt wrong, that is, if the word has macrons and they are missing or if the macrons are placed wrongly. These are the first words from pages 12-14:

tĒnei - this
Ēnei - these
rĀnei - or
heihei - fowl
hoiho - horse
kau - cow
hipi - sheep
poaka - pig
raiona - lion
hŪ - shoe
pouaka - box
taone - town
pepa - paper
tŌkena - stocking
parĀoa - bread
rohi - loaf
pata - butter
miraka - milk
huka - sugar
te - definite article singular
ngĀ - definite article plural
he - indefinite article
pŌtae - hat
pukapuka - book
kurĪ - dog
rĀkau - tree
whare - house
tangata - man

That's it for now...
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Postby Ariki » 2005-10-23, 7:34

kia ora,

sorry for not replying earlier, exams are coming up, and my first one is next Saturday. But I will endeavour to answer.

tĀone - town
hīpi - sheep
hōiho - horse
paraoa - bread

tangata - person (singular)
tāngata - people

(tāne = man, male)
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