Kuman - Irusia

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Kuman - Irusia

Postby aaakknu » 2018-02-20, 17:29

I will write here everything I learn in Kuman. There will be the same rule as in Karavinka's Turkish thread: no hints or explanations.

Here is what I have learned so far:
erepa - go
eriyawo - come
bitero - stop

E wa? - How are you?
Na ... - My name is ...
Kipainga ai de? - Where do you live?
Na Ukraine suna milge. - I live in Ukraine.
Waii wo. - Thank you.
Ena. - Goodbye.
Eropnge. - I go home.

igi - home, house
nil - water
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Re: Kuman - Irusia

Postby voron » 2018-02-20, 19:37

Every time you were mentioning Kuman in your thread I thought it was about a Turkic language, and now I realized it was not. :o

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Re: Kuman - Irusia

Postby vijayjohn » 2018-02-23, 6:12

Yay, I'm no longer the only one trying to learn a Papuan language! :D

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