Need help for Hawaiian and Māori keyboard testing

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Need help for Hawaiian and Māori keyboard testing

Postby ATFC » 2017-03-18, 13:52

Hello everyone,

My name is Alexander. I am a project supervisor at Appen, a listed language technology solutions and consulting firm in Australia (ASX:APX).

We will be running 2 separate tests on 2 free Hawaiian and Māori language keyboards currently in development, and we are rather urgently in need of 6 Hawaiian speakers and 6 Māori speakers to help us test if it meets the need of Hawaiian and Māori speakers in real-life situations when using it on a mobile device. The keyboards will have advanced functions tailored for the language, and this is a very rare opportunity for us to help prepare these two languages for the digital age. If anyone you know may be able to help us and would like to contribute to this project, please feel free to sign up through the following link:

Here are some key requirements:

1. The participant will need to have access to an Android device.
2. The participant must be fluent in the language and can test the keyboard by typing in basic conversational Hawaiian or Māori words and phrases.
3. The participant will need to be able to provide feedback on the typing experience of using either tap or gesture/Swype input methods in English over the internet.
(For more information on the differences between these two text input methods, interested parties can watch this video:

The task will take around 40-80 minutes to complete, and we do offer compensation for the time and effort it takes our participants to try out the keyboard. Participant will need to have either PayPal or Skrill to receive payment from us.

Please feel free to forward this message to whoever may be able to help. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. If you know or someone you know knows both languages and are willing to help us, you can sign up once for each of the language. Thank you very much for your time.

Kind regards,
Alexander Chan
Project Assistant
Skype: achan.appen|
Appen |

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