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Postby ego » 2015-06-04, 22:11


Does anyone know of any resources for basic Javanese (not Japanese!)? I will spend a year in Java so I'd like to learn the basics. I cannot find any books anywhere


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Re: JaVanese

Postby Izzu » 2015-08-05, 22:05

sugeng enjang

it's been a while since I log in into this site, so forgive me for this late reply.

Javanese is unfortunate that resources in it in english is somewhat scarce,
from what I can find there's a javanese-english dictionary by Mr. Stuart Robson (a researcher in Javanese studies) in Amazon ... 079460000X

and a Javanese grammar (but this seems to be out of stock ... 806&sr=1-3

there's also Javanese-Indonesian dictionary by S.A. Mangunsuwito, if that can help.

and an important book that every student of Javanese must have: Pepak Basa Jawa.

while nowadays most of javanese people are conversant in Indonesian language, I like it that you are interested in learning my native language.

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