Question about Tagalog.

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Question about Tagalog.

Postby ChronoC » 2014-04-12, 6:15

I used to have quite a bit of exposure to the language. I want to at some point to actually become fluent in it. My question comes from the fact that I found an app that has a broad selections of radio stations that are on the web. I found a few Tagalog speaking ones, and have been experimenting. It's kind of weird, some sites will speak a sentence in Tagalog, then speak, I suppose the same sentence in English. Another radio station mostly spoke in Tagalog but modern technology words were said in English. Is this common in the Philippines? Or is this something with the radio stations? It's a bit confusing hearing, Tagalog, English Tagalog English in rapid succession.

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Re: Question about Tagalog.

Postby księżycowy » 2014-04-13, 15:35

While I don't have any help for your inquiry, it did make me wonder if Tagalog had been moved to this new subforum or not. Turns out it hasn't. Interesting indeed.

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Re: Question about Tagalog.

Postby Riptide » 2014-06-11, 18:26

Despite how it's been forever since I've been to the Philippines and I'm a fellow learner of the language, Taglish is very prominent among filipinos. I use tv shows to pick up words and phrases, but the best way to learn is to talk to a native speaker of course.

Also this thread needs to be moved to: viewtopic.php?f=142&t=35339
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Re: Question about Tagalog.

Postby dkatbena » 2014-06-15, 0:01

Tagalog for Radio stations need to use English words.if all English terminologies have Tagalog translation, majority of the Filippino listeners will not be able to understand the exact meaning.Pure Tagalog was known only in rural settings long time ago and modernization is one factor that contribute in evolution of Tagalog language.In book writing, it is important for writers to know the different aspects of Tagalog because it is a language of simple and complicated expressions that is needed to express the different situations that native speakers can say if the written work is implicating reality or deception.
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Re: Question about Tagalog.

Postby vijayjohn » 2014-11-27, 3:22

Code switching happens in a lot of languages. I think the code switching between Tagalog and English is fairly similar to code switching between Malayalam and English. Somehow, I remember getting the impression that we Malayalees code-switch between those two languages in about the same way that Filipinos do between Tagalog and English.

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