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Posted: 2013-08-01, 21:51
by ego
Does anyone know of movies in Oceanic languages, even partially? Tahitian, Hawaiian, Maori.. any? It would be really interesting

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Posted: 2013-08-01, 22:33
by ego

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Posted: 2013-08-02, 10:48
by melski
Here are some movies I know in some Polynesian languages :
Samoan : O le tulafale (The Orator) - entirely in Samoan with English subs, excellent movie.
Rotuman : The land has eyes (pear ta ma 'on maf)
Tongan : My Lost Kainga (entirely in Tongan with English subs) ; The other side of heaven (pretty lame movie, but has some scenes spoken in Tongan in the beginning).

Maori : I don't know any movie entirely in Maori, but these films feature some maori language (and are excellent movies) :
- Whale Rider (2002)
- Once were Warriors (1994)
- Mt Zion (2013)
- White Lies (2013) (trailer)
- Matariki is a NZ film in English with many Polynesian languages : Maori, Tokelauan, Samoan

EDIT : the Shakespeare play "The merchant of Venice" has been translated into maori and made into a film, entirely in te reo maori : The maori merchant of Venice (2002)

You can hear some Tahitian spoken in The Bounty (1984) - there must be other movies in Tahitian but I don't know them.

Hawaiian : I just found this short film entirely in 'Olelo Hawai'i :

You can hear some kanak languages spoken in the French film L'ordre et la morale (English title Rebellion), 2011, on the Kanak uprising and 1988 hostage taking in New Caledonia, dramatic events in the history of New Caledonia. Those languages are Fagauvea and Iaai, from the island of Ouvéa (not to be confused with Uvea, or Wallis, from Wallis and Futuna)

I'm sure there are some other movies, that's just the ones I know.
EDIT 07 nov 2013 : adding more movies to the list + kanak languages

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Posted: 2013-08-03, 19:11
by ego
Mālie! Mālō 'aupito melski, na'e 'ofa mo'oni ho'o fekaú. Te u kumi 'a e ngaahi faiva 'eni

Great! Thanks a lot melski, your post was really kind. I will look for these movies

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Posted: 2013-11-06, 23:42
by melski
I have edited my first post, adding new Oceanic films and languages.