Audio for Hawaiʻian?

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Will Smith
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Audio for Hawaiʻian?

Postby Will Smith » 2013-06-29, 23:12

Hello everybody! I'm taking a TAC this year for two languages, one of which is Hawaiʻian, and I've already run into a little trouble - I have absolutely no audio resource for Hawaiʻian, which, considering the limits of its phonology, is significantly better than having none for Irish- but I do worry a bit about not having any data, especially as I'm worried about my pronunciation of the kahakō. Forvo does not even have a single entry for Hawaiʻian; can anybody direct me to a one that might be relevant here?


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Re: Audio for Hawaiʻian?

Postby księżycowy » 2013-07-04, 0:27

If you don't mind paying, I recommend starting with:
Learn Hawaiian At Home

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Re: Audio for Hawaiʻian?

Postby Teango » 2013-07-28, 23:10

Great to see someone else learning Hawaiian from scratch for this year's TAC! It's an amazing language, and one which offers a very different cultural perspective on life and community to any other languages I've studied before.

Here are a few sources for Hawaiian audio that I've found useful and would recommend once you've finished with a short beginner's course like "Learn Hawaiian at Home":

Oiwi TV (most videos are a mixture of English and Hawaiian, with English subtitles)

Clinton Kanahele Collection (lots of authentic audio with accompanying transcripts, recorded back in the 70s)

Ahouni's Learn Hawaiian videos (lessons in Hawaiian on YouTube)

Maikaʻi Pomaikaʻi! :)

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