Maori Learner from Germany

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Maori Learner from Germany

Postby kimi » 2012-05-07, 23:56


I'm from Germany/United States (right NOW I'm in Germany, but I live in the US) and I'm really interested in the language of the Maori. I already started gattering some information about te reo Maori, but it's just not enough. I barely found ONE website with grammar info (I'm that kind of grammar loving guy^^), and even that is not that much of a help. Like when I use the, information there doesn't (completely) match what's on that website. Things like buying books are no option, since there's no Maori books outside New Zealand :( Plus, if there was any, it would cost me a fortune! :(

So, what I'm asking for is for someone who knows Maori, eventually even knows about Grammar (I know people who speak English fluently (native speakers) who have no idea that -ing indicates a continuous tense, nor do they know what tenses even are) and could help me with questions.

If anybody would be able to help me out that would be just awesome :) I will probably ask you alot of questions in the beginning and less and less the more I understand^^

So thanks in advance for anybody who could help me out, and if it's "only" with useful links (that would already be great ;)

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Re: Maori Learner from Germany

Postby hashi » 2012-05-08, 0:07 is fairly comprehensive, but the interface is a pain in the ass to use. I would recommend the Ngata dictionary online as it's a lot easier to use (although not as comprehensive).

What site do you have for grammar? I tend to use the te kupu o te rā site as a reference for grammar (although the explanations and logical order are a little sketchy).

Otherwise, there are plenty of books and dictionaries in print, you just have to live in New Zealand to really have access to them lol.

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