Sanskrit workbook or app recommendations?

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Sanskrit workbook or app recommendations?

Postby Eril » 2019-08-08, 16:34

Anyone here learning or having learnt Sanskrit?

I've been studying that on and off for a long time, but I always kinda lose motivation since the textbooks are so much less user-friendly than those of more commonly learnt languages.

Currently I'm using "Grundkurs Sanskrit" by Felix Otter (it's in German, but that's my native language). It's a fairly recent one (2nd edition 2018, 1st 2017), and it's the best one I know, as it actually uses a proper order of the grammatical topics (i.e. first what one will actually encounter in real texts instead of bombarding one with whole paradigms). I'm at lesson 5 now.

Still, it could have a bit more exercises inmidst the long pages of explanations instead of just a few short ones at the end of the chapters which will even be replaced by only reading material starting chapter 9. It doesn't really give me the feeling of having mastered the grammar learnt, but other textbooks I tried out are even worse, most being rather grammars than textbooks.

Anyone here knowing more engaging, workbook-style Sanskrit material, or even an app?

When searching for workbooks or apps I almost only find books/apps teaching the script, or covering only the very very basics of the language.

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