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"Story of the North" in Old(ish) Norse

Posted: 2018-02-18, 9:25
by 9littlebees
HallÄ! I want to know how to say "Story of the North" in Old Norse, but also adapted a bit for our times. The "North" I am referring to here is Nordic countries / Norden. It's for a personal project I'm working on (a Norse Mythology-inspired tabletop roleplaying game).

From my research (I'm by no means an expert), it would appear that this would be something like "norĂ°rsaga" in Old Norse.

If I was to modernise / anglicise it a bit to something like "Nordensaga", would this be acceptable to native speakers of North-Germanic languages for a game set hundreds of years in the past? Or does "Norden" sound too modern?

Maybe there is a better way of saying this?