(Possible) Sanskrit translation help

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(Possible) Sanskrit translation help

Postby emdicmiquel » 2017-04-19, 9:09

No judgements, please.

I got a tattoo when in a manic phase and during a time I was receiving electroconvulsive therapy, so my short term memory is shot from that time. I'm trying to work out what the tattoo means. I believe it may be Sanskrit, but am not fully certain.

I've attached the image. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: (Possible) Sanskrit translation help

Postby księżycowy » 2017-04-19, 11:06

It looks like the Devanagari symbol for 'ah' अः to me (if a bit messed up in a place or two). I don't know if this is an actual word in Sanskrit (or any other language that uses the Devanagari script) or not though.

I'm sure Vijay could help more.

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