Looking for help with Middle Persian Verbs

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Looking for help with Middle Persian Verbs

Postby hammoxtar » 2016-12-13, 20:42

Hello all,

I've been studying/attempting to reconstruct Middle Persian (a.k.a. Pahlavi, a.k.a. Parsig, a.k.a. Sassanid Persian) verbs and am having difficulty figuring out how many tenses there are and their construction. I already have the present tense, the future constructions, and the imperfect tense, but cannot figure out the rest. I have been using Martin Haug, H. S. Nyberg, and Sheriarji Dadabhai Bharucha as references.

Any help with a definitive listing of the verb system of Middle Persian and the conjugation/construction of its tenses would be helpful.

Many thanks.

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