Proto-Japonic Resources?

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Proto-Japonic Resources?

Postby dan3697 » 2016-01-09, 15:20

Hello, I'm working on making a Japonic constructed language, and need resources on Proto-Japonic reconstruction, such as phonology, morphology, etc. However, regular Google isn't useful for shit, and only nets me a couple of ebooks that are somewhat expensive for digital books, and really aren't worth buying just to make a conlang. So, I was wondering if anyone here would happen to have some (digital) resources/guides on the phonetics, morphology, etc. of Proto-Japonic or, at least, Old-Japanese or Old-Ryukyuan. If anyone would be able to help me, you'll have my eternal thanks. Thank-you.
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Re: Proto-Japonic Resources?

Postby Manzoku » 2016-04-15, 1:35

Alot of Japanese sounds are very similar to Austronesian languages, and the grammar to Ural-Altaic languages. Japanese doesn't have a L sound and has fifteen consonants. With my language, I didn't make a Japonic language, my grammars different, but I took alot of the vocabulary from Altaic languages.

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Re: Proto-Japonic Resources?

Postby kAnpINUye » 2018-01-27, 12:47

Some Books ,By Naomi ...a little English mostly academic ,indexes Japanese Ainu English I saw one in Sendai Tohoku Uni Kawauchi campus and Mediatec ,And so on Cii too Altai connection.on line better to type Japanese may get some PDF but not much quite a few books in Japanese on Ainu place names in Japan.

Many Japanese academics are into Jomon Satsumon Ohotsk cultures but very few into proto Japanese since Altaism have been debunked, Kindaichi into Ainu and many others were into into Japanese and Korean Manchu so on I have not seriously gone into it ,another old English book on Language studies in Japan has scant look at language studies. lots of Material on history in old Japanese in Chinese kanji and so the Japanese was distorted ,the bottom line is Ainu korean Okinawa and all Japanese got mixed just like English is not Anglo

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