Has anyone seen this before?

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Has anyone seen this before?

Postby JuvenalDelinquent » 2013-05-17, 3:15

I recently found some of my notes for an undergrad archaeology class, and I found this symbol written down. I don't remember the context our professor brought it up in, but I want to say it was in a slideshow or movie he showed us. Personally, I think it looks a little like a swastika, so maybe it's of Indian origin, although it doesn't really look it?

Also, I'm terribly sorry for how ditzy this all sounds and for the utter inadequacy of my representation. Thanks for the help!

Odd Symbol.png
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Re: Has anyone seen this before?

Postby Lur » 2013-05-17, 10:44

Old Indus script? No idea.
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Re: Has anyone seen this before?

Postby johnklepac » 2013-08-06, 21:47

Doesn't look like part of any alphabet from within the last thousand years. I'd guess it's some kind of religious symbol.

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