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Postby Lauren » 2013-05-15, 21:38

Who else here is interested in the Tocharian languages? :D

Here are a couple resources for learning Tocharian:
University of Texas online course
A Dictionary of Tocharian B online
Native:            (en-US)
Advanced:       (eu)
Just started:    (cs)
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Re: Tocharian

Postby księżycowy » 2013-05-15, 21:46

Interested? Yes.
Going to learn? Probably not.

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Re: Tocharian

Postby Itikar » 2013-05-21, 22:16

Thank you for the links Lowena.
I love Tocharian, especially for its relations to Proto-Indo-European, Sanskrit and all the likes.
Plus it is a language of China which is Indo-European so it is cool! :twisted:
Add in that it is extinct and mysterious and how could one resist it?
Tocharian is a fine choice indeed.

Fact is, unfortunately, laziness, exams and other languages I need for job and other purposes will always push it forward, perhaps too forward. :cry:
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