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Re: tok pisin language learning

Posted: 2017-05-16, 12:53
by Bayte
That is a bit of a shame. I thought I had finally come across a useful resource to learn Tok Pisin.

What I am looking for is an audiobook to teach me Pisin. I have an hour's drive to work every day and the same returning home, and nothing but kangaroos and farmers to look at on the way. I want to use that time to learn the language by an audiobook.

if anyone has any ideas where I can get one, please post


Posted: 2017-07-09, 19:41
by aaakknu
toksave wrote:plis tanim dispela toktok
please translate these sentences

1. the boy has a brown book
2. the woman is beautiful
3. i have a red tv
4. she likes green cars
5. the teacher has blue hair

My translation:
1. (Dispela) pikinini man i gat (?) wanpela braunpela buk.
2. (Dispela) meri i stap (?) naispela.
3. Mi gatim wanpela redpela piksa boks.
4. Em (i save) i laikim ol grinpela kar.
5. (Dispela) tisa i gat blupela gras.

Is it correct?

Why the suffix "-im" cannot be used with "gat"?
When should I use "stap"? What's the rule?


Posted: 2017-07-09, 20:18
by aaakknu
toksave wrote:1. the dog is bigger than the cat
2. the girl is even bigger than her mother
3. my mom is shorter than me
4. i am smaller than my mom
5. the girl is even smaller than her sister
6. school is even more important than work

1. (Dispela) dok i bikpela long (dispela) pusi.
2. Pikinini meri i longpela moa long mama bilong em.
3. Mama bilong mi i sotpela long mi.
4. Mi liklik long mama bilong mi.
5. Pikinini meri i liklik moa long susa bilong em.
6. Skul i bikpela (?) moa long wok.