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Macanese Patuá (Dóci Papiaçám)

Posted: 2018-03-21, 8:44
by atalarikt
Macanese Patuá is a Portuguese-based creole spoken by the Macanese community of the Portuguese colony of Macau. Its alternative names are Dóci Língu di Macau (Sweet Language of Macau) and Dóci Papiaçám (sweet speech). Currently, it is undergoing revitalization by its speakers, including but not limited to a local drama group Dóci Papiaçám di Macau.

Here are some resources...
Bela Maquista, a blog in Macanese Patuá about the language (mostly posts about vocabulary)
YouTube channel of Dóci Papiaçám di Macau
The drama group's Facebook group
Creolization and Decreolization: Portuguese and Patuá in Macau (a good blog post containing some stuff worth checking)
Como Tá Vai?, a blog owned by Miguel S. Fernandes (a member of Dóci Papiaçám di Macau), contains a few Patuá lessons in Portuguese
Literature work of José dos Santos Ferreira (also known as Adé), a legendary Patuá writer

...and a song in Dóci Papiaçám. :)

Re: Macanese Patuá (Dóci Papiaçám)

Posted: 2018-03-22, 11:25
by atalarikt
Another song in Patuá, simply titled Macau. This is a video filmed at the presentation of Macau's transition to the PRC in December 1999.
Lyrics, Portuguese and English translations
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