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Posted: 2018-03-19, 11:11
by atalarikt
Nagamese is a creole language spoken in Nagaland, India, based on the Assamese language (an Indo-Aryan language related to Bengali).

There aren't many resources on it, but here are some I've found.
Survival Phrases (and Vocabulary) of Nagamese: The Lingua Franca of Nagaland from the Indica Linguistica blog
Nagamese Audio Recordings from the same blog
Nagamese Khobor, online news site in Nagamese

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Posted: 2018-03-20, 5:35
by vijayjohn
Thanks for these resources, atalarikt! :)

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Posted: 2018-03-22, 10:31
by atalarikt (a collection of Nagamese vocabulary and a few sentences)
Learn Nagamese app on Google Store (works like Duolingo)

Most Nagamese videos I've found on YouTube are either comedy videos, songs, or missionary stuff, but I've managed to find a few that stand out.
This is a math lesson taught in Nagamese by Vilezo Meze, a Kohima Jesuit.
There are 8 of these videos. You can visit his channel to check them all out.

An awareness video in Nagamese that teaches parents to guide their children in online interactions (with English subtitle).

Another awareness video, this one about identity theft.

This one is about fire safety and preparedness in schools.