Code-Switching in Antillean Creole Songs

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Code-Switching in Antillean Creole Songs

Postby fernweherin » 2018-02-15, 11:23

Hello everyone,

this forum seems like a great place to ask for some advice! I am looking for bands/artist who make use of code-switching in their songs (English-Creole-French). Any form of code-switching may be interesting. I was wondering whether you could think of any artists and/ or songs? It would be great if the songs were from 2000 until know but that is not necessarily a must.

Thank you! :)

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Re: Code-Switching in Antillean Creole Songs

Postby vijayjohn » 2019-10-14, 6:14

Well, I found this, although it doesn't have any French (and is surely from before 2000...I don't think there are any Trinidadian French Creole songs from this century since it appears to be moribund at best). I'm also not sure whether this is what you meant by "Creole and English":

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