Tok Pisin Resources?

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Tok Pisin Resources?

Postby LinguistWolf » 2017-08-21, 1:22

Hello! I am seeking to learn a second language, so I'll probably make this kind of thread about a few different languages. I learned about Tok Pisin a couple of years ago and have been interested ever since. However, I can't find any good resources for it other than the five lessons on this website, and any books on Amazon are either expensive or unavailable. Are there any good resources for learning both its vocabulary and grammar? Thank you.

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Re: Tok Pisin Resources?

Postby aaakknu » 2017-12-16, 21:17

Здайся на Господа у твоїх справах, і задуми твої здійсняться. (Приповідки 16, 3)
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