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Bahasa Betawi

Posted: 2010-06-17, 12:41
by BahasaStudent
Just wodering of anyone was able to translates some words from Bahasa Betawi-
Kagak, enggak, dijadiin, ngurusin, kepengen, batalin, nyang, guwa, guwe, bikinin,kayak, penglaris, ma, ame


Re: Bahasa Betawi

Posted: 2010-06-21, 12:43
by justberta
nggak - no
guwe - I/me/mine
bikinin? bikin means to make
kayak - if pronounced without the k it would mean rich

Re: Bahasa Betawi

Posted: 2010-07-03, 14:20
by rama.ahsana
Bikinin=make ... for ...

Dia kayak monyet=s/he like monkey
Dia kaya=s/he is rich
Bikinin gw kopi=make a coffe for me

Re: Bahasa Betawi

Posted: 2011-04-08, 6:53
by miracr7
ma and ame is same meanings. the both words means " with".

for example :

gw pergi ma dia = I go with him.

dia pergi ame gw = he goes with me

Re: Bahasa Betawi

Posted: 2011-04-15, 23:18
by adrnstyd
Kagak = enggak = tidak (formal indonesian) = no
dijadiin = dijadikan (formal indonesian) = to be made to
ngurusin = mengurusi (f.i.) = taking care of, doing, make something to be his/her problem
kepengen = ingin (f.i.) = would like to
batalin = batalkan (f.i.) = cancel
nyang = yang (f.i.) = which, that
guwa = guwe = saya/aku (f.i.)
bikinin = buatkan (f.i.) = make something for someone
kayak = seperti (f.i.) = like, looks like, sounds like, taste like, etc.
penglaris = pelaris (f.i.) = something that make some products sell, the last person to buy the products
ma = ame = ama = bersama/oleh (f.i.) = with, by

Re: Bahasa Betawi

Posted: 2018-02-02, 1:24
by atalarikt
Counting money in Betawi (* denotes currency values no longer in use, whereas ^ denotes currency values that still exist but are rarely used)
All these words originated from Hokkien words, so if you know some Chinese, you might be familiar with them.

gotun = IDR 5*
jigo = IDR 25*
gocap = IDR 50*
cepe = IDR 100^
pego = IDR 150*
nope = IDR 200^
gope = IDR 500
seceng = IDR 1,000
noceng = IDR 2,000
goceng = IDR 5,000
ceban = IDR 10,000
noban = IDR 20,000
goban = IDR 50,000
cetiaw = IDR 1 million

Re: Bahasa Betawi

Posted: 2018-02-06, 5:12
by atalarikt

A page with 15 questions on and in Betawi and their answers similar to school exam

Re: Bahasa Betawi

Posted: 2018-03-10, 7:02
by atalarikt

This is the YouTube channel of Tawalah Tawalah, a group of Betawi comedians spread around Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi (both in West Java) and Tangerang (Banten). They also have an Instagram account @tawalahtawalah (link). Their videos provide subtitles (also in Betawi), which might be useful if you're learning Betawi.
Here are some of their videos.