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Posted: 2008-03-09, 19:17
by Bojatschaka-Hey Guy
Hello,I have read the Wikipedia article on Unserdeutsch-a German-based Creole language,and just wondered if anyone here speaks Unserdeutsch and could possibly teach it.

Posted: 2008-03-15, 13:58
by Timpul
WOW, never heard of ;)
Cool ;)

Posted: 2008-03-17, 10:44
by Bojatschaka-Hey Guy
nobody? :(

Posted: 2008-03-24, 2:11
by krix
Cool, my advisor used to do research on New Britain, the neighbouring island.... well the reason why nobody has stepped forward to teach you Unserdeutsch, can be found in the Wikipedia article you mentioned: it is a dying language, now only spoken by 100 people, mostly elderly speakers... This is actually true for many of Papua-New Guinea's 800 or so languages, that the spread of Tok Pisin is creating more pressure on a lot of small languages there...

Posted: 2008-03-26, 13:14
by Bojatschaka-Hey Guy
i only hoped that one of these 100 speakers would take a look in this forum... :(

Re: Unserdeutsch

Posted: 2018-02-02, 1:05
by atalarikt
Since nobody seemed to upload any resources here, I took a little bit of my time finding for some, and stumbled upon this site.
Rabaul Creole German (Unserdeutsch) Project by the University of Augsburg (in English) (auf Deutsch)
It has some published works regarding the language, as well as audio recordings of the spoken language and photos of Vunapope, both from the older and more recent times.
The project is still under active construction, so it may not be complete enough for you.

Re: Unserdeutsch

Posted: 2018-03-19, 19:49
by vijayjohn
Thanks for these resources, atalarikt! :)