Welsh folk songs

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Welsh folk songs

Postby hajoseszter » 2020-12-07, 12:51

Here's for now one called Y gwŷdd. I've found firstly a version with lyrics (corrections would be warmly welcomed), and found two translations (second one is not full). Why are there so many differencies? How can it be translated then?
Sung by Ffynnon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b-jL2tXrFc

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Translation 1#:
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Translation 2# (first verse only):
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And the main reason why I am writing is that I've found another version sung by Julie Murphy - with a slightly different lyrics. Could you please provide me that lyrics and add translation for it?

One more thing: in the comments (of the Ffynnon version) it is mentioned that in this song /"sg" is pronounced "shg" in the words "gwisg" (dress) and "disgwyl" (expect) - because of the influence of the preceding vowel "i"/ - I've learnt a bit of Welsh earlier but this was new for me. Is this a rule?

Thank you!

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