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Cairde bréige na Gaeilge

Posted: 2020-08-04, 17:08
by linguoboy
Táim ag déanamh iarrachta as úire ar beagán Ghaelainn na hAlban dh'fhoghlaim agus tá an t-iomad na gcarad bréige ann. Mheasas go mbeadh ciall dom liosta a dhéanamh díobh ansan in ionad snáithe eile.
Now that I'm learning a bit of Scottish Gaelic, I'm finding so many false friends that I thought it might make sense to list them here rather than in the True False Friends thread.

(gd) aodann face (Sheall mi 'na h-aodann preasach. "I looked in her wrinkled face.")
(ga) éadan forehead (Bhí roic in éadan an tseanduine. "The old man had wrinkles in his forehead.")

(gd) blàth warm (Tha a' latha blàth. "It's a warm day.")
(ga) bláith [lit.] smooth (Is bláith an aiceacht dhúmh-sa. "It's a gentle lesson for me.")

(gd) duilich sorry (Tha i duilich. "She is sorry.")
(ga) duilich difficult (Is doiligh léi é "It's difficult for her.")

(gd) gaol love (Tha gaol agam oirre. "I love her.")
(ga) gaol relationship (Tá gaol agam léi. "I'm related to her.)

(gd) glic clever (Tha i cho glic ris a' mhuncaidh. "She is clever as a monkey.")
(ga) glic cunning (Tá sí glic, mar shionnach. "She is sly, like a fox.")

(gd) toil delight (Chan toil leis e. "He doesn't like it.}
(ga) toil will (Níl a thoil leis. "His heart's not in it.")

(gd) toilichte happy (Chan eil seann aois toilichte. "Old age is not happy.")
(ga) toilithe consented (Tá sí faoi bhun aois toilithe. "She is below the age of consent.")

Re: Cairde bréige na Gaeilge

Posted: 2020-08-05, 21:06
by linguoboy
(gd) A' Bhreatainn Bheag Brittany
(ga) An Bhreatain Bheag Wales

(gd) A' Chuimrigh Wales
(ga) achoimrigh summarise

(gd) àireamh chothrom an even number
(ga) áireamh cothrom an equal reckoning

(gd) àrd-inntinneach high-minded
(ga) airdintinneach high-spirited

(gd) cothromach fair, just, impartial
(ga) cothromach flat

(gd) curran dearg carrot
(ga) corrán dearg wild radish

(gd) sgarbh cormorant
(ga) scarbh scarf

Re: Cairde bréige na Gaeilge

Posted: 2020-08-12, 13:29
by silmeth
linguoboy wrote:(gd) duilich sorry (Tha i duilich. "She is sorry.")
(ga) duilich difficult (Is doiligh léi é "It's difficult for her.")

You put the Sc. Gaelic form for Irish. ;-)

linguoboy wrote:(gd) toil delight (Chan Cha toil leis e. "He doesn't like it.}
(ga) toil will (Níl a thoil leis. "His heart's not in it.")

I’m not sure I’d agree this is really a true false friend – toil in Gaelic AFAIK generally means ‘will’ too:

an ti a nì toil Dhé ‘he that does God’s will’,
tha toil agam sin a dhèanamh ‘I wish to do that’,
ma ’s e do thoil / ur toil e ‘if you please; very humbly please’

And in Irish it can also mean ‘desire, wish’. It’s just that in Gaelic it is used in the is toil leam… ‘I like’ phrase – which originally even didn’t have that word (is toigh leam is older, but because of sounding similar to is toil leam got reanalyzed as such and now is toil leam is more common – at least acc. to Colin B.D. Mark; but is toigh leam historically also makes more sense since in phrases is X le Y Z ‘Y finds Z to be X’ X typically is an adjective rather than a noun, cf. Irish is fada liom go… ‘I am longing to…’, ‘I find [the time] until… to be long’; is maith liom… ‘I like, I find … to be good’, etc.).

In his dictionary, C. Mark even calls toil in the phrase is toil le… ‘an alt spelling of toigh’ (which I don’t think is really accurate if people respond with is toil instead of is toigh to the question an toil leat X?).

Dwelly doesn’t even mention the phrase is toil (probably too modern), but he does mention is toigh leam.

You can also find quite a few false friend by looking at the cara bréagach mark before entries in the PDF version of intergaelic dictionary by Kevin Scannell: Foclóir Gàidhlig-Gaeilge

Re: Cairde bréige na Gaeilge

Posted: 2021-02-21, 22:22
by linguoboy
Duolingo just dropped a tonne more Gaelic lessons, so this thread is back to life.

(gd) oileanach student
(ga) oiléanach islander

In Irish, the verb-noun of oil "instruct, nourish" is oiliúnt and the corresponding derived form is oiliúnach "nourishing".

(gd) eagalach fearful, scary
(ga) eaglach fearful, timid

In English, "fearful" is also somewhat ambiguous, being used both with the meaning "full and fear" and the meaning "causing fear". Although Scottish-Gaelic eagalach is similarly ambiguous, the meaning "frightful, scary" seems to be the dominant one nowadays whereas in Modern Irish eaglach can only mean "fearful" in the sense of "afraid".