Help very much appreciated for wedding

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Help very much appreciated for wedding

Postby Lookingforhelppleasd » 2018-11-25, 7:22

Hello all, I am hoping someone here may know the Scottish Gaelic for -

“to the moon and back”
“Tonight, tomorrow night, every night”.

Also, if anyone knows what (if anything! :P )
“CARAIDEAN AS FHEÀRR, A-NIS CEANGAILTE LE FÀINNEACHAN” Means, that would also solve a mystery!

My brother is marrying a beautiful Scottish lady and we want to inscribe a gift to make her feel welcome. Your generosity of knowledge is very much appreciated! Thanks! :)

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Re: Help very much appreciated for wedding

Postby silmeth » 2018-11-25, 19:53

I learn (mainly) Irish, and don’t really know Scottish (only understand a bit of it) so I won’t help with the translations for inscriptions, for that you might want to try Irish Language Forum (it is welcoming for translation requests, and there are a few people knowing Scottish, it has a dedicated Scottish subforum) or Fòram na Gàidhlig, Scottish Gaelic forum (but I don’t know what is their attitude towards translation requests).

Anyway, as for the meaning of the Scottish phrase, it is something like:

Best friends, now joined/united/bound with rings
polszczyzna jest moją mową ojczystą (pl), Is í Gaelainn na Mumhan atá á foghlaim agam (ga) ((ga-M)), mám, myslím, dobrou znalost češtiny, rozumím a něco mluvím (cs), Jeg lærer meg bokmål på Duolingo (no-nb) (og eg ville lære nynorsk ein gong (no-nn))

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