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IRISH - Stancel

Postby Stan » 2005-01-22, 3:08

Dia duit!

Hi I'm Irish and I want to learn Irish and practice here. So I made this thread.

Stancel :wink:
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Postby Nukalurk » 2005-01-22, 7:21

But the threads in the Virtual University of Languages are supposed to be monolingual. ;)

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Postby Moonshadow » 2005-01-23, 1:15

Conas tá tu?

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Postby DelBoy » 2005-03-13, 18:25

Conas atá sibh go léir?
Ní drochsmaoineamh é seo ar chorr ar bith! A Stancel, an bhfuil Gaeilge agat? Nó an bhfuil tú dá foghlaim?

Hi! How are you all?
This isn't a bad idea at all! Stancel, do yu speak Irish? Or are you learning?
The British Isles are awesome - I know, I live there - but Ireland is not a part of them. K thnx bai!

Labharfainn níos mó faoi, dá dtuigfinn an bhrí...


Postby Guest » 2005-04-15, 1:45

B'fhéidir nach bhfuil Gaeilge aige go fóill... dúirt sé gur mian leis Gaeilge a foghlaim ;)


Postby utopia » 2005-04-20, 18:25

ma ta uaibh caint i nGaeilge go beo, cen fath nar ghlacann sibh pairt i seomrai comhra i bPaltalk?


Postby christine » 2005-04-21, 21:01

Ní maith liom Paltalk. Is fearr liom Skype :)

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