Help with Scottish Gaelic house name

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Help with Scottish Gaelic house name

Postby lorrcalleja » 2015-10-12, 17:18

Hi guys,

My boyfriend and I bought a maisonette and need to find a name. We are into a scottish name since our first holiday together was in Edinburgh and we both liked Scotland so much. Whilst browsing on the internet we came across the name Iago with a meaning of 'God's gift', however when we tried looking it up to confirm the meaning, there was no mention of God's gift apart from the original site where we found it.

Any help with the above or any other suggestions pls?

Karl & Lorraine

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Re: Help with Scottish Gaelic house name

Postby ceid donn » 2015-10-13, 3:43

You're kidding, right? This is a language learning site for people with an earnest interest in learning languages, and such fetishizing of other people's cultures and languages is viewed as being in bad taste around here.

At any rate, Iago is not Scottish Gaelic or even Celtic. It is a Spanish variation of the Hebrew name John, or Johnathan, which in Hebrew means "God's gift".

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Re: Help with Scottish Gaelic house name

Postby Elad1962 » 2018-01-27, 14:36's a Welsh version of James, "God's Gift" or Supplanter". You're welcome. :roll:

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