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Celtic word for an ancient profession

Posted: 2015-07-27, 21:16
by Alek
Hello everybody
I a polish guy and my name, one of most popular in Poland is Bartnik.
It is the name of a very ancient profession. You see in old times there was only one source of sougar : honey stolen from wild bees ( miod - honey in slavic languages )
So each village had its bartnik - a guy who would go to the woods and rob wild bees from their honey - barc is a name for wild bees nest ) no it is not a bee keeper.
Most modern languages lost this term.
Celtic language of old tradition has perchace kept this word.
So,please, how do you translate bartnik into celtic?
Keep your beautiful language alive!

Re: Celtic word for an ancient profession

Posted: 2015-07-28, 15:37
by linguoboy
The modern English term for such a person is "honey hunter". I'm having no luck finding any traditional Celtic term for this profession, probably because apiculture has such a long history in the Celtic countries. (The Bechbretha is a 7th-century Irish law tract that deals extensively with regulations related to bee-keeping and honey production. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy that I can comb for any terms related to honey hunting.)