Re-typesetting Ó Nolan: Book 8 of 7.

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Re-typesetting Ó Nolan: Book 8 of 7.

Postby Deghebh » 2014-05-08, 14:28

A Chárde, Dia 's Muire daoibh,
Yes, that is how it is said in Munster, the reply is . . . . agus Padraig.

Yes, Ó Nolan is best known for his series of 7 books on Irish Grammar.
Here is the 8th book, otherwise known as:
New Era Grammar of Modern Irish.
It is printed in Times Roman for English text, Seanchló Nua for Irish, and Time for Old Irish.
In the re-typesetting, I am using GealBX unicode for seanchló nua.
The freely readable pdf file can be seen at:
The set of files used can be found in the folder:
The pdf file above mentioned is not updated until I have proofed the doc file, but to read the doc file in MS Word, you need to have the Geal BX fonts loaded. You can find them here:
Gael BX:
Gael BX Bold:
Or you can try other Irish fonts in the folder:
Inside the front cover of the pdf document, you will find a list of alterations I have presumed to make, and I would value comments.
Also in this list are some items of doubt, and noted omissions, with which I do seriously need help.
Curiously, I have found that my ignorance of the Irish language forces me into simple pattern recognition for proofing, and this seems to be more effective than a skilled Irish reader, because the 'Error-Correction-System' built into 7lb of fat seems to bypass the error detection system.
Nevertheless, if you find anything, please tell me.
You will all benefit from this work, which will be dedicated to public domain.

Is mise, le meas,

P.s. 1/ Saturday 10th May: Just completed page 147.
P.s. 2/ Monday 12th May: Just completed page 157.

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