How close are the Brythonic languages?

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Re: How close are the Brythonic languages?

Postby Ciarán12 » 2012-11-14, 11:08

morlader wrote:From what I've read online the situation seems to be unclear. Some Irish speakers for example say they can understand much Scottish Gaelic, and others say they can't. Perhaps its a case of dialects?

Definitely. Ulster Irish is far closer to Scottish Gaelic than Connacht Irish, and Munster Irish is even further away than Connacht Irish. Sometimes I wonder whether it would be just as valid to call Ulster Irish a form of Scottish Gaelic as it is to called it a form of Irish Gaelic, but I'm on shaky ground there, and there are plenty of people better qualified to speak about that than I (and they have done). I've heard that the now extinct East Ulster dialect was even closer again.

morlader wrote:There is a video of an Irish speaker and a Manx speaker talking together on YouTube, perhaps Irish and Manx are more mutually intelligible than Irish and Scottish Gaelic?

I doubt spoken Manx is any more intelligible to an Irish speaker than spoken Scottish Gaelic is (written down there is no question; Scottish Gaelic is by far more intelligible to an Irish speaker).
It should be noted as well that the second Manx man in the video is speaking Irish (as far as I'm aware), it's only the first conversation that is held in both languages.

morlader wrote:But it still seems that the Goidelic language are closer together than the Brythonic language, there is no question of mutual intelligibility between Cornish and Breton or Cornish and Welsh without studying the languages. There are little bits that are familiar between Cornish and Breton, like the song above, but the majority is not.

That's what I thought after your earlier posts. I don't think any literate fluent speaker of Irish would tell you that they couldn't make out at least some of the meaning of a Scottish Gaelic text if you put one in front of them.

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Re: How close are the Brythonic languages?

Postby morlader » 2013-05-11, 19:40

Yma kevys genam skrifen dhe les rag an re a wor kowsel Frenkek a-dro dhe'n kevrennow erbysek yntra Kernow ha Breten Vian y'n osow kres, keffres hag an hevelepter ynter an dhiw yeth y'n termyn-na.

I've found an interesting text for those who speak French about the economic links between Cornwall and Brittany in the middle ages, and the similarity between the two languages at that time. ... _76_4_2537
An lavar coth yw lavar gwir:
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Re: How close are the Brythonic languages?

Postby ceid donn » 2013-05-13, 16:04

Mòran taing, a Mhorlarder. Glè inntineach. Saoil mi gun tweetidh mi sin.

Many tanks, Morlarder. Very interesting. I think I'll tweet that.

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