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Re: Tar anseo agus labhair linn! - [Irish Language Discussion]

Postby linguoboy » 2017-02-16, 15:37

iodalach93 wrote:Kevin I think I understand what you mean: it seems that the Cois Fhairrge dialect drops h-sounds when in the middle of a word, and the neighbouring vowels are fused together. Yet, I don't know if that happens only in the Cois Fhairrge dialect or also in other variants of Connacht Irish.

I don't have my copy of Modern Irish to hand right now, but I think that (along with the phonemicisation of the distinction between /aː/ and /ɑː/) might be a specifically CF development.

The Irish-language Wikipedia article on Connacht Irish says of the dialect of Connemara:
Sa chanúint seo, ní dhéantar bór de bóthar, ach ina dhiaidh sin féin tá sí iontach cosúil le Gaeilge Chois Fharraige.

That is apart from deletion of medial /h/ (and /xˊ/, e.g. droichead > draed), the two varieties are "surprisingly similar".
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