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Re: Questions/Help

Postby vijayjohn » 2018-04-30, 18:36

Five years late but:
Daionii wrote:Does anyone know of any English resources for Mapuche/Mapudungun?

I don't suppose you/anybody knows what indigenous languages are spoken in Chubut?

Chubut Province? Mapudungun.
I read about Tehuelche but it seems to only have a handful of speakers left.

It's been dead for about half a century.

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Token value Central/South American lingua franca?

Postby langmon » 2018-11-10, 11:42

I was wondering if there is one single particular Token Value Central/South American Lingua Franca.

For the purpose of explaining what I mean by "token (symbolical) value", I'd like to provide an Africa-related example.

Maybe a certain person would like to be able to speak at least one ethnic African language, even if it is very clear to him/her that there also are many Africans who don't understand this one particular single language. This very language could be Swahili, for example. So even if/she meets Africans who speak another one, there still can be a token/symbolic value be involved when he/she tells them that it would be possible to use this one too, instead of English or another one.

Is there also a one particular Central/South American language that can serve the same token/symbolic purpose?
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