Nahuatl chat?

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Nahuatl chat?

Postby IvoCarog » 2012-06-15, 10:15

Anyone learning Nahuatl who would like to join a skype chat or something so that we have a place to use our newly acquired language skills? :)

I'm using these mini-lessons on Classical Nahuatl: but I don't mind using Mizton's lesson too...
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Re: Nahuatl chat?

Postby VacalleroRealV » 2012-06-28, 2:14

Sure if I am on, my handle is Chimalpahin-sama on skype
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Re: Nahuatl chat?

Postby johnklepac » 2013-07-26, 16:19

The Quetzalcoatl story is pretty helpful, though I wish it glossed the words a bit better.

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Re: Nahuatl chat?

Postby Cypher » 2014-06-12, 1:56


Not so long ago, I created a nahuatl skype chatroom. Sadly, it has only one member :D

If anyone is interested, please let me know, my skype name is rgggmex.

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